How long have you been trying to learn the tarot? Have you been studying alone? Have you been researching on the internet or using books? How do you feel you have done? Still confused? Feel like you are working on a jigsaw puzzle with half the pieces missing? We have the answer.

Welcome to the most comprehensive tarot courses you will ever find - whether online or off. The courses cover symbolism, keywords, reversals, meditation/visualization, astrology, numerology and kaballah.

Whether you are totally new to the Tarot or want to increase your current knowledge, the Worldwide Mediums and Psychics online tarot courses are designed to help you avoid the usual pitfalls when learning to read the tarot on your own and is suitable for beginners, advanced and professional tarot readers.

Our courses are highly structured, guiding you step by step through the process of learning to read the tarot, from beginners steps, to in-depth research and onto reading for friends, family and clients (depending on which course you choose). You are encouraged to look at each card from several different angles and to relate the card not only to those you want to read for but to your own experiences in life.

Rather than accept the traditional tarot card interpretations, you are encouraged to learn how to find your own interpretations for the tarot cards through research, by developing your psychic abilities and using creative visualization.

We also have online messaging, forums and chat rooms so that you can chat to your tutors and other students.

To find out about the course and what it offers, click on the 'Student and Guest Help System' link below and read the relevant files.

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