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  • The glossaries can  be used as searchable reference databases for students to enable them to research the cards they are working on and will eventually replace some of the other resources section of the site.

    You will also find that words throughout the course will be highlighted and when you click on a highlighted word it will bring up the entries in the glossary in a seperate box.

  • This area of the site contains articles on each of the cards.

    NOTE: Not all the cards are done - I am working on them in conjunction with the 'Mythical World of Tarocchi' novel that I am writing for the students.

    How often I manage to work on this depends completely on my health, so please bear with me.

  • The Mythical world of Tarocchi is a tarot novel which teaches the tarot in story form. In the Mythical land of Tarocchi you will meet all the families (cards) and learn how they interact with the world.

  • This course was written to teach college students in 1990 and then left on floppy disks until now - 2010. Due to some of the tarot students showing an interest in the course I have promised to transfer the course online.